KTNs Closure


After more than two years of providing the latest industry news and social media interctions from the KTNs, I regret to inform you that the decision has been made to take the site offline.

Even though we had a lot of support from the KTN community and visitors alike, keeping the site functioning correctly has sometimes been an uphill battle, and since September, our news output has been greatly affected by an issue with the way we gather data from the _Connect platform which sees no sign of being fixed, and is out of our control.

Because of this, our news output has stagnated as of late, and is affecting the reputation we'd worked hard to create. With this in mind, and to ensure visitors get the latest information rather than outdated content, it was decided to close the site until such a time it's deemed possible to relaunch it.

Thanks for all the support over the years from the community, it has been greatly appreciated.

Hopefully this is not a goodbye, and only a 'see you later'. For now though, happy networking.


9 May 2012